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Affordable Accounting Services Prices

 We offer the lowest prices     Why Paramount Services: We offer clear and easy to follow procedures. The prices announced by us are final without any vague formulations such as "guidance prices" or "reserve the right to change ...", like these. We keep to our promises - always and under all circumstances. 


 SUPER OFERtoday: Companies on sale in Bulgaria. Super price of 950 EUR. All registrations done to do business in Bulgaria, EU & worldwide. IBANs in BGN & EUR opened at UniCredit and Raiffeisen bank. Super price of 950 EUR (total cash out, not cent more) under the condition -> the new owner will sign a contract for accounting services with us.

 If you want a specific offer please send us an inquiry (from page "Contact us") or call by phone: +359 (0) 88 484 2098Prices valid from 01.01.2024.

   Companies registered for VAT purposes,  https://paramounts.bg/en/accounting-services-prices/

                                         The prices are excluding VAT                                                                                                                                       

Number of documents per month


Trade and services



zero VAT return


30 BGN /15 EUR/


30 BGN /15 EUR/


30 BGN /15 EUR/


Up to 25 documents


   90 BGN /45 EUR/ 


   120 BGN /60 EUR/ 


   150 BGN /75 EUR/ 


From  26 to 50 documents


170 BGN /85 EUR/ 


190 BGN /95 EUR/ 


210 BGN /105 EUR/ 


over 50 documents


3.01 BGN per document / 1.51 EUR


3.41 BGN per document / 1.71 EUR


3.81 BGN per document / 1.91 EUR

The prices are 15% below the average price level for the city of Sofia and include 1 hour of free consultation per month.

  Companies not registered for VAT purposes.

                     The prices are excluding VAT                                                                                                           

Number of documents per annum


Trade and services



Up to 50 documents


120 BGN /60 EUR/ 


150 BGN /75 EUR/ 


170 BGN /85 EUR/ 


From  51 to 100 documents


220 BGN /110 EUR/ 


250 BGN /125 EUR/ 


290 BGN /145 EUR/ 


over 100 documents


1.85 BGN per document / 0.93 EUR


2.25 BGN per document / 1.13 EUR


2.45 BGN per document / 1.23 EUR

 The prices are 15% below the average price level for the city of Sofia and include 1 hour of free consultation per month.

 Prepare and submittion of annual report. Additional services.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The prices are excluding VAT


Annual Financial Statement, up to 1 000 documents per annum 


306 BGN /153 EUR/ 


370 BGN /185 EUR/ 


490 BGN /245 EUR/ 


Annual Tax Return


   114 BGN /57 EUR/


   130 BGN /65 EUR/


   170 BGN /85 EUR/


Publication in the Commercial Register / publication fee is charged to the Paramount EOOD / 











No business in the year (FS, Tax return and publishing) 


120 BGN /62 EUR/


120 BGN /62 EUR/


120 BGN /62 EUR/

******* Other Services





Participation in tax audits


 70 BGN /36 EUR/


80 BGN /41 EUR/


100 BGN /52 EUR/


Invoicing on behalf of client


5 BGN /2.55 EUR/


6 BGN /3.1 EUR/


7 BGN /3.55 EUR/

Data processing payroll, proccessing fee 25 BGN plus fee for each employee recruited -------à  


10 BGN /5 EUR/


11 BGN /6 EUR/


12 BGN /7 EUR/


Passing to a new accountant


78 BGN /40 EUR/


91 BGN /47 EUR/


117 BGN /60 EUR/


Our customers have the opportunity to enter into a contract with a service company that is not registered for VAT purposes, then the prices announced are final (ie, no VAT 20% to be charged on prices announced).


Registration and Deregistration for VAT purposes is FREE for customers with a service contract concluded.


  Monthly fee for data processing Intrastat:

                                                                                                               The prices are excluding VAT 

1 to 5 entries

20 BGN /11 EUR/

from 6 to 10 entries

33 BGN /17 EUR/

from 11 to 20 entries

59 BGN /31 EUR/

from 21 to 30 entries

85 BGN /44 EUR/

from 31 to 50 entries

111 BGN /77 EUR/

over 50 entries



The subscription includes,  https://paramounts.bg/en/legal-services/

Preparation of accounting policy of the company;

Ranking and processing of accounting documents;

Preparation of necessary secondary accounting documents relating to the activities of the company;

Preparation and submission of documents (declarations and VAT & Intrastat returns) to NRA;

Calculation of taxes and social security contributions;

Drafting of Contracts, Civil Contracts and Contracts for management and control;

Filling in insurance and employment records;

Preparation of summaries, payroll and bills paid to individuals;

Preparation of documents relating to the appointment and termination of persons Contracts, Civil Contracts and Contracts for management and control;

Submitting the necessary declarations of persons insured by the customer;

Preparation and submission of reports, statements and other documents to the NRA, NSSI, BNB and NSI;




1.       DOCUMENT is an accounting operation (simple or complex) furnishing economic consequences this may be an invoice, bank statement, income or expenses cash receipts or other document.


2.       STAFF ia a person who is provided under the Social Security Code - labor contracts, management and control self-employed.

   We offer free consultation for the whole process of registration.

   Registration of company. Price 950 Euro. Re-registration. Express service for 3 days.


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