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Team Outsource Options

Paramount Outsource Services takes a proactive approach by reviewing, rather than just processing inf

Our core services include:

ormation provided to us. This is imperative in the local legal and tax environments that are constantly changing. Our service is backed by significant, ongoing investment in IT infrastructure and software.

 Why Paramount Services: We believe that we can provide quality accounting services at low prices with the maximum commitment to your business, https://paramounts.bg/en/accounting-services/ 
Our  efficient systems automate data handling across a host of core processes e.g. treasury functions, tax computation, sales invoice generation, VAT ledgers, fixed asset registers and depreciation calculations.
Clients can also opt for secure, on-line access to financial data or input or read only.
Local compliance and reporting
 Paramount Outsource Services provides a thorough and diligent service to support compliance with local statutory accounting regulations and tax legislation, a key feature of which are the strict deadlines for taxes, both in terms of filing reports and making payments.  

  • Maintenance of accounting records in accordance with the applicable accounting and tax law;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly and annual tax returns;
  • Communication with the tax office and assistance with tax audits;
  • Statistical office reporting;
  • Central Bank reporting;
  • Cash management and disbursements;

   Each client is assigned a dedicated accountant working in a group structure under close supervision of our experienced management team.

Intраcommunity  services reporting (INTRASTAT) .

Intracommunity supplies and acquisitions. Obligatory statutory reporting.


Corporate Reporting,   https://paramounts.bg/en/taxation-bulgaria/
 Paramount Services Outsource  can prepare financial statements and management reports to meet international standards (IFRS). Reconciliations between statutory and management reports are available as and when necessary.

As directed, our accountancy services team can provide reporting and data for management reporting purposes including:

  • Monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Consolidations
  • Cash flow reports
  • Budgeting
  • Cost centre analysis
  • Service charge reconciliations
  • Other ad-hoc projects

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