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 Accounting Services Bulgaria. Prices. Service Free Company Registrations in Bulgaria. Tax rate reduce to 9%.   Paramount Outsource Services is a Bulgarian consulting company offers accounting and payroll services outsourcing. We prepare all type statutory reporting either corporate or personnel related. Intracommunity supplies and acquistions. All data exchange are done electronically. Not to waste even a minute for non value-added

activities, https://paramounts.bg/en/

SUPER OFERtoday: Companies on sale in Bulgaria. Super price of 950 EUR. All registrations done to do business in Bulgaria, EU & worldwide. IBANs in BGN & EUR opened at UniCredit and Raiffeisen bank. Super price of 950 EUR (total cash out, not cent more) under the condition -> the new owner will sign a contract for accounting services with us.

Who are we?




1.  Why should I choose Paramount Services company for my accountant? What distinguishes especially them from the rest of dozens on the Internet?    We guarantee:

 a) Best prices for Sofia and the country;
(b) No additional consultations frees for express service;
 c) 100% coverage on our account of all damages, fines, penalties, etc., resulting from our advice / consultation;
 d) Fast, easy and informal contact with us 24 hours a day – no business hours;
 e) We are ready to discuss and fully meet your needs and expectations at any time;

 2. Low prices but always high quality of service. so We keep every minute to the values ​​we believe inLoyalty, Integrity & Commitment;

3. Customer service without compromise on the quality of service. We keep our promises no matter what it costs us;

4. You are more important than us. so We are interested in how we can help you with your business success, ie how we can earn 100% of our rewards. We can listen;

COMPANY’S REGISTRATION IN BULGARIA. BEST PRICES ON THE MARKET, https://paramounts.bg/en/company-registration-bulgaria/

 950 EUR  for a registration in Trade register;  

 50 EUR tax address fee per a year; 

25 EUR registration for a VAT purposes; 

Bank account opening free of charge.  

Registered by us companies are enable to first month free on charge accounting services. 

Please send us your inquiry with initial information for the business activities planned and services needed. 

Outsource Data Entry Services to Team Outsource Options.What do you lose by not outsourcing data entry to Paramount Services Outsource,  

  • You waste your time, effort, resources and infrastructure on services that you could get done easily by outsourcing;
  • You spend a fortune of your operating costs wherein you can get a cost saving of 60% by outsourcing data entry;
  • If data entry is not your core business, you can outsource data entry and devote your business’ time to what really matters;
  • You lose out on getting your tasks done within a quick turnaround time and without any hassles or extra effort;
  • Your competitors are making the most of outsourcing, you do not want to be left behind;


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